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Monday, September 25, 2006


Music. Duke Special.

I've seen clowns do things with worms and you just have to go home to your study and think about that.

When things are good and everything is flash photography, and Little Red Riding Hood shoots things to keep you entertained, they're not going to be good for long. Locksmiths are good, and some of them have curly hair and when you see them on hills and the breeze blows through their hair you can hear what they're thinking, and which comes first, the horse or the cart? Actually, that's just what I was thinking.

Man: Duke Special

He's a singer-songwriter from Belfast. He's better than knowing who you are, or not knowing who you are if you have a habit of stealing chairs.


He shoots, he scores, he glues himself to a lilac tree. Let's kick him.

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