Made by my head
Music, Ireland. Grey, name. My name. A step ladder. This house was built in a bog. Music is the window. I fell off a step ladder.

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Band. Music. New.

New band: Crumb.
Sound: Like a million other bands. Old is the new new.
Quality: The top hundred of the million.

I'm looking for a coin. I've found a coin. I'm Albert Einstein, no I've lost it again, ow! There it is.

Old band: Crunt.
Sounded like a million other bands, looked so unlike other bands they didn't even look like themselves and were definitely in the top ten along with 824 other bands.

Take your hands off me, take them to the hospital and tell the nurse I'm on fire.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


New Band

New band: Touch 80 80.
Boom boom Paddy Paddy mooooo
160 bbppm, all over the field.
New bank: old bank compared me to a lemon and threw a lemon at me.

Tom Dunne. Man.
Roadrunner. Woman compared to Tom Dunne.
Songs, sounds. Boom boom, wake up. Walk to the door and now you're at the door, congratulations. The curtains are on fire, you must be very proud. 999, my curtains are on fire, thank you very much, goodbye.
Beep beep, she knows she is.
Dave Fanning, also man.

I wear shoes and I fall out of hedges, I'm Batman.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Music, Sound.

Where are we, who are we, why why when? Right now. Where? On a bus to the field where I buried my foot, listening to sounds. I'll be there. I'm already here.


He shoots, he scores, he glues himself to a lilac tree. Let's kick him.

He shoots, he scores, he glues himself to a lilac tree. Let's kick him.

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