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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Music. That Petrol Emotion.

Doom. Doom. Or ducks. Ducks. But the ducks have little scythes and black coats. If just one duck had the scythe and the coat, then I might be worried, but they all have them, and it's unlikely that all of them are the grim reaper.

There are long things. There are short things too. Some things are long and some are short. Some go around and around in circles. Some just build little houses and stay there until they think you've gone to the off-licence to get a bottle of vodka and a few Camel cigars because you think, "I'd look good smoking a cigar." So you buy them with the vodka, and a few hours later when you've stopped laughing at a joke about a milkman and a Great Dane, you light a cigar, lean back, and in the mirror in your mind, you look good. You look as if you could be doing this every night. The mirror doesn't show the three-legged dog you'll be looking at to pass the time tomorrow. And the little thing with its head in its house and its body sticking out is thinking, "Is he gone?" Yes, he's gone, but the ducks are still there.

Band: That Petrol Emotion.

Album: Babble.

That Petrol Emotion were formed by members of The Undertones in the mid-eighties and they split up in 1994. My hands think this album is better than having eleven fingers. The lead singer, Steve Mack, went on to form The Marfa Lights. The Undertones have re-formed, without their lead singer, Fergal Sharkey.


Go home slowly, slowly go home and let the world slip away through your fingers, goodbye world...

"What are we going to do now?"

We could bring the world back and watch it slip away again. It's either that or look at the three-legged dog.

He shoots, he scores, he glues himself to a lilac tree. Let's kick him.

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