Made by my head
Music, Ireland. Grey, name. My name. A step ladder. This house was built in a bog. Music is the window. I fell off a step ladder.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Music. Whipping Boy.

The teaspoons are fighting with each other again. I tell them I'm Che Guevara to keep them quiet. They respect me then. Sometimes I wonder if that respect is mis-placed.

I thought I lost my shoulder in a field, but it was on my head all along. No, I'm thinking of my glasses. My shoulder is in the garden, trying to convince the neighbours that he's Che Guevara.

Band: Whipping Boy.

Album: Heart Worm.

They make everything else in the world look as if it was made in Switzerland.


He shoots, he scores, he glues himself to a lilac tree. Let's kick him.

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